-What am I? she said quietly
-Something without control, without soul... just another one...

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Charlotte Gainsbourg is the most perfect human being of the entire universe and i love her with a passion beyond boundaries.

Elementary / Revenge are a way of life for me. Emily Vancamp and Jennifer Morrison are my babies.

"A man journeys into the center of the city at night in search of the girl of his dreams. The closer he gets to her, the more distant she becomes as his dreams transform into nightmare."

Tatiana Maslany in “Waiting for you”  


Joaniarty + terrible pick up lines (x)

I haven’t done a massive following in freaking months, so i’m doing it now… when i’m about to go to sleep… fml.

I’ll keep doing it tomorrow. thank you so much all of you lovely people that follow me!

sarah manning  +  hair moments 

I want to spend my days making you cum. 


  Euglassia  Watsonia


 uglassia  atsonia

Anonymous: what tv show is that blonde lady from? she's stunning

That’s gillian anderson. And she’s in 3 different shows in those gifs, first redhead, the x files, then “The fall” and “Hannibal”