-What am I? she said quietly
-Something without control, without soul... just another one...

Mel. 28. Argentina. Alien.

Charlotte Gainsbourg is the most perfect human being of the entire universe and i love her with a passion beyond boundaries.

Elementary / Revenge are a way of life for me. Emily Vancamp and Jennifer Morrison are my babies.

"You have no mother, then?"

"I don’t know," answered the child. "I don’t believe I have. All the rest have one. For my part, I have none." After a silence she added: "I believe I never have.


The Curse of Maleficent, by Nicholas Kole

that’s why we’re making h e a d l i n e s

Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire.

Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire.


Mary ‘Sassy’ Poppins, 1964

Tatiana Maslany re-creates a shot from the cult movie for THR’s graphic novel-inspired “Titans of Comic-Con.” X


As if men had a monopoly on m u r d e r…